Craigs list casual encounters coast personal

craigs list casual encounters coast personal

Craigs list casual encounters coast personal

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Or seem intelligent, or funny, or something. Just, attractive in some way. I think the guy who let me down I guess I'd prefer someone more dominant. And because I guess I thought that given my limited experience 2 men prior to the ad , that guys would be better than the guys I've been with? It's sort of like, I don't know, I end up wishing I was just with my boyfriend then. It seems to me a girl has a better selection by playing the field and sitting next to the best looking guy.

I don't want to risk any weird social circle entanglements, so that would mean I'd have to travel elsewhere, then find myself a guy that I think looks attractive, then play this flirting game, then hope he's only interested in casual sex and that he doesn't have a girlfriend.

Guys just tell you all that, and they know what you're asking for, and you cut to the chase. I have had "weird social circle entanglements" from random craigslist meetings as well. At the end of the day, it seems pretty much the same IMHO. If you play the game right, you can work around that I feel. Even as a guy, I get laid more from Starbucks than craigslist, but I frequent them both with about the same propensity hours a week each.

Some of the Starbucks action is just as instant, and more exciting. But that is my experience, your mileage may vary. What's the appeal to you for doing this, as opposed to the typical female desire for having a committed relationship to have sex? So, hedonism it is.

So yeah, I have this committed relationship on the side, then have some casual encounters that don't pose any sort of emotional risk to that relationship my desire for casual only; he said if I wanted something more than sex, I could go for it.

I guess this ties in with 2 ; my libido was too high for my boyfriend. Not entirely sure if that answers your question? I am less conservative in certain respects, have a higher libido, already have that committed relationship Actually, even prior to this breakdown, I didn't have a problem with promiscuity so much. However, this crisis is driving me to pursue hedonism more intently. It's this sense of, "If my life is more painful than enjoyable, then why the hell be alive?

I would sleep with a female, but I confess I am intimidated. It would feel like being a virgin all over again: Knowing what I like may not quite translate to what someone else will like.

So I guess I would want to be with a female who would either be willing to allow that awkwardness or be the dominant one. Sure, I'm a slut. I don't really care. I don't find anything wrong with promiscuity, prior or after my crisis actually, like I mentioned. Just that since this crisis, I've been more inclined to act on my sexual inclinations.

I do understand that promiscuity is frowned upon by certain people, and that there are thus social consequences, but that is why this is a throwaway and I'm discretely finding people via craigslist vs. I didn't say you should be ashamed. What you should be ashamed of are pretentious explanations for things. I've always had a high libido though, so what made me actually act on it?

A combination of 1 making it more important to me to do enjoyable things and of 2 my situation with my boyfriend. So when can we meet up? Haha I give you a lot of credit for doing what you do. So yeah if your looking for intelligent Sigh I remember when "trolling" meant something other than "person I don't like". Intentionally pissing people off for no other reason than personal gratification is what I suspect you are doing.

And that meets the classic definition of troll. Me too, you're trollin' son. Acting like a cunt without any kind of rationale or discussion? At least try to be subtle. The discussion was "putting a lot of big words in front of 'I'm a slut' still means you're a slut". Trolling is, for example, going on a car repair website and making a post saying "I used Coca-cola instead of motor oil, was that a bad idea?

Trolling is not "he say bad thing and i get mad". Now people just use "troll" as an ad hominem for people they don't like. You haven't made any attempt at a discussion though. You called her a slut and when she elaborated on her feelings you essentially said "whatever slut.

You may not be intentionally doing it, but you're being a dick with no substance to your comments. You're no different than a troll regardless of your intent.

Simply because somebody didn't explain something monosyllabically enough for your Neanderthal intellect doesn't mean that the problem is on their end. Do I feel better? I guess it's been fun. And it's been interesting. You get to kind of ask people any question you want to ask them about. And these guys are mostly older than me. I'm 20, they are 25 or They have already gotten their jobs and are making their way into life. So I can ask them questions about that, and what they feel is important, and what they're looking for and what they enjoy.

I feel like I'm not just sampling people sexually; I'm having little glimpses of different people. And they answer whatever you want. I do understand that this is just for fun and that I do need to look seriously to rebuild myself again.

For that purpose, I'm reading a book: Nietzsche on Overcoming Nihilism" and just continuing to think about things, I guess. Your boyfriend doesn't care about you or your relationship, or he is incredibly weak.

Either way your relationship is doomed to failure. I don't see it that way. He feels that if I prefer someone over him, that I should do what makes me happy, so he's not afraid in some respect, and that I should go ahead and enjoy other people if I want to.

He looks at this as a way to transcend this human condition of jealousy, and I think that's admirable of him. And my boyfriend is my best friend. He understands the essence of my identity. He and I are attracted to each other both physically and mentally. You think he's incredibly weak, just by the information she's given us?

Well I think you're incredibly narrow-minded for thinking there aren't people out there who can make open relationships work. Monogamy isn't always for everyone. How do we understand morality? How do we know what is right or wrong? In an attempt to justify anything, you ultimately are reduced to axioms, which, by definition, are unjustified. So all grounds are ultimately unjustified. If I say X is moral and you say you believe otherwise, if these are our axioms, neither one of us can really rationally argue for one or the other.

We don't assume the same axioms and cannot reason with each other. So you can adopt anything as an axiom. There is some human constraint in that there is this psychological aspect of it. Just as you can't will yourself to love anyone or believe anything, you do have constraints in what you can adopt.

But anything is justifiable, or rather, unjustifiable. What should I pursue? How should I act? How should I live my life? Ultimately, it is up to you to adopt certain values, and derive your answers from there.

But there is no absolute value, no "You must adopt this value. All value, all meaning, must be adopted and created for the self. As I am having trouble doing this for myself, I am just stuck in this nihilistic crisis.

How does this relate to hedonism? As I have no value for my life, I have no sense of purpose or goal or way to justify my existence. I do not see life as inherently valuable, and I do not see a purpose or meaning to life. I continue to experience pleasure and pain, however, and naturally am averse to pain.

Insofar as I want to avoid pain, I need to minimize pain by either ending my life or becoming happy. If I should live, I should work to become happy and seek pleasure in what ways I can. My happiness must overcome my pain, the positive over the negative, to continue life. FYI, hedonism has gotten a really bad rep, and I'm not really making it any better. To clear this up:. Hedonism is not limited to excess, even if, in my specific case, it does involve a lot of sex. Hedonism and being conventionally virtuous are compatible: Does life have "meaning" or inherent value?

Maybe the meaning is what we choose it to be. I would hope your life would have meaning to YOU. And I'm sure it does for the people who love you. Your boyfriend should be one of those people. I'm sure I sound judgmental, and I guess I am. If I truly loved someone it would hurt me to know I wasn't enough. To know that she had to turn to random strangers for comfort. I would also be concerned for her safety. It might be better to work out these existential crises in your head, and not in cheap hotel rooms.

Not sure how concisely I can explain, but will explain later after I finish my philosophy paper I'm always interested in knowing what drives women to be interested in more or less? I have been with someone I met on Casual Encounters over a year ago, and our relationship is probably the healthiest, most communicative I've ever been in.

I know you said you already have a primary romantic relationship and kudos on doing the ethical non-monogamy thing!! In drawing a lot of parallels between you and my ex. Have you by any chance been diagnosed as bipolar? Because your behavior sounds like it might be worth looking into for you. When my girlfriend went through her first manic episode she wanted an open relationship and later decided to pursue anything that made her happy, regardless of ethical implications.

She broke up with me and immediately moved on to someone new and cheated on them. It's the stoic "no right or wrong, only happy or unhappy" attitude that really reminded me of her. I think, to some extent, my physiological condition may be affecting me, but I am also a philosophical person.

It's not that I am pursuing anything regardless of ethical implication. I just don't have that anymore.

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